Silver Earrings Is A Dream Of Every Girl

Silver has a very long history as it has been used probably from the very beginning of mankind. The first data telling that this precious metal was used in ancient times goes back to 6000 years ago as described by the Bible in the book of Genesis. As a raw material silver is a bit harder than gold which is considered to be more precious than silver, although both of these metals are widely used for creation of jewellery. Silver is characterized by a brilliant metallic lustre. This metal is usually alloyed with copper in order to make it more workable, to make it somewhat softer and more durable for further usage in the field of jewellery. Nowadays, silver is successfully used for producing excellent unique designs for a great variety of jewelry, including rings, necklaces and certainly earrings.

Some people consider silver to be a poor cousin of gold as it has been always used for making wonderful pieces of jewelry, but lately it has become much more fashionable than gold due to a number of advantages. First of all, silver is extremely beautiful and often preferred by people more than gold. Secondly, this metal is more affordable being less expensive than gold, so it can be purchased by any person. Besides, silver has a more traditional and sophisticated appeal. Another advantage of this metal is that silver jewelry, including earrings, are extremely versatile and can be combined with almost any outfit. And you can be sure you'll look awesome and even stunning wearing silver jewelry and a single colour outfit, darker colours are recommended.

Silver is frequently used in traditional and even ethnic styles and designs of earrings. For instance, Celtic inspired earrings are extremely popular nowadays. These can be ordinary studs embodying a Celtic knot or some symbol, for instance, with a stone located in the middle. These earrings can have a pendant style or an elongated intricate woven Celtic design. The latest designs of earrings portray stars, hearts and other shapes, many of which demonstrate the influence of Art Nouveau.

One can endlessly speak about the styles of silver earrings as they are really unlimited. You can also find unique natural or country styles of earrings which depict leaf or flower forms. If you're in love pamper yourself with the Romantic style of earrings which will offer you a great variety of shapes the most popular ones include the heart theme. The modern earrings often offer pearls which can be combined with the metal with the purpose of creating awesome natural designs.

Contemporary designers continue to impress people with their works and constantly extend the offered variety of designs which can be easily made with silver. Some of the latest jewelry catalogues depict extremely attractive "Twiggy" earrings, unbelievably intricate hoops, details of which really surprise. If you're a rather tall woman, you should consider a nice pair of "Goddess" chandelier type earrings which will make you look extremely effective.

Silver has a peculiarity to flatter the greater number of skin types, so earrings made of silver will be suitable for almost anyone, with fair or dark skin and hair. Besides, silver earrings are the most versatile ones which can be possessed by a girl. So, any young girl should have silver earrings!